Test Drive Photovoice in this Engaging Advocacy Workshop

Posted on September 14, 2012


Photovoice is a powerful process that allows advocates to identify, represent and enhance their communities by telling their stories through photography. It empowers students by giving them a way to have their say in what’s happening around them.

Beth Miller and Catherine Ramstetter are offering an engaging preview of Photovoice so you can see for yourself how it works, and what a positive impact it can have:

Photovoice, ASHA and School Health: Understanding the Process, and Coming to Shared Meaning about ASHA and School Health
October 13, 12:30-3:30
Facilitated by Beth Miller, PhD, RD, LD & Catherine L. Ramstetter, PhD

We are excited to be the facilitators for ASHA’s School Health Post-Conference workshop on Photovoice. During the course of the workshop, we’ll be describing our work with Photovoice, as a research and pedagogical tool. All who attend the workshop will participate in a Photovoice project on issues in school health. The questions we will explore are:  What are the current issues in school health, and what can/should we, and ASHA, do to address these issues?

In order to address these questions, participants will be invited to bring 2-3 photos that represent or depict the issues in school health (in your school, district, community or more broadly). Once you register, we will send you complete instructions for taking the photos and writing about the meaning of your photos. We’ll also send you an article about using Photovoice.

During the workshop, participants will work through the Photovoice process in small groups, coming to consensus about issues, assets and barriers and developing themes around school health within the group; we’ll then work together, all of us, to formulate a collective understanding around these issues and themes, making one shared statement for ASHA which we can take back to our home communities.

Because we’re discussing Photovoice as both a research and pedagogical tool, and because the questions we’re exploring are multi-faceted, this FREE workshop is appropriate for many! From Health Educators to School Nurses to Researchers—our exploration and shared meaning will be stronger with more participants, from many perspectives.

We look forward to a rich and meaningful workshop on Saturday, October 13, with your participation.

Click here to register for this workshop, so we can send you more information. If you have already registered for the conference, you can add this workshop by editing your registration profile.

Thanks, and we’ll see you in San Antonio!
Beth Miller & Cathy Ramstetter

Students from 13 communities across the state were armed with Cameras and the mission to document their world with photograph to show the success and future possibilities.

To find out more about the Photovoice methodology visit http://www.photovoice.org/