ASHA Membership to Consider Reorganization Proposals

Posted on September 11, 2012


See the Proposals, complete the survey, and make comments.

For more than a decade the American School Health Association (ASHA) has operated under the same bylaws and governance structure. Although some adjustments have been made to ASHA’s operating programs and policies very little has changed about the way we conduct the business of the Association.

However, in that same time, we have seen significant change in our operations, such as relocating the national office, a decreased size in our staff, a shift in the size of our membership, and other changes in the school health profession overall.  In order to remain a vital player in the school health community, ASHA must adjust the way we do business to meet new demands.

This fact was recognized by AHSA’s House of Delegates at last year’s annual meeting in Louisville, KY when they called on the Chair of Sections and Chair of Councils to examine the role and function of Sections and Councils in our Association.  The Board of Directors also began examining their organization and structure.  With recommendations in hand, the Board of Directors appointed an ad hoc committee in April of this year to draft a formal reorganization proposal.  The ad hoc committee members are:

  • Ty Oehrtman, Chairperson
  • Linda Caldart-Olson
  • Jeff Clark
  • Susan Clark
  • Alexander Fraser
  • Linda Morse
  • David Wiley
  • Steven Conley, ex-officio

The committee has been meeting regularly since April and has drafted two options for reorganizing our governance structure.

Why two options?
The committee recognized early on that there are many ideas and strong opinions about how ASHA should be structured. We also recognize that any change is difficult, particularly a change as significant as shifting the way we’ve been conducting business for more than 10 years.  So the committee has drafted two options for the membership to consider, one that proposes significant changes to our operational structure and one that makes smaller more incremental changes.

Now the time has come for the ASHA membership to contribute their insights. It is important to note that neither of the proposals is final. In fact, there will be numerous opportunities for ASHA members to contribute additional thoughts and ideas on the reorganization beginning next week! The committee will continue to meet and review comments and opinions that we believe will only strengthen the efforts to streamline our operations. Our goal is to present a single complete proposal to the membership for a final vote some time in 2013.

Here is a list of opportunities you will have to provide comments on the two proposals:

  1. Next week both proposals, along with draft organizational charts, will be posted on this blog for member review. Any ASHA member is invited to respond to the blog by posting their comments for public viewing.
  2. Also next week, we will provide a link to an online survey where you can respond and provide anonymous and private comments directly to the committee.
  3. There will be at least three opportunities to provide comments in-person at the 86th Annual ASHA National Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Please check the conference program book for exact times and locations:
    • During the Section Networking Luncheons on Thursday, October 11
    • During the Council Networking Luncheons on Friday, October 12
    • During a special Town Hall Meeting on Friday, October 12
  1. Finally, any member is invited to send an e-mail with comments on the reorganizational proposals to

Watch this space next week, on September 17, to review and comment on the two reorganization proposals.