ASHA Joins Call for Supporting All Content Areas

Posted on June 26, 2012


ASHA is proud to have joined ASCD and more than two dozen major education organizations representing a wide array of subject areas in a combined effort to promote consensus recommendations for how the federal government can better support disciplines beyond reading, math, and science.

The College, Career, and Citizenship Readiness Consensus Statement calls for equal emphasis and funding for all content areas in school, including  the arts, history, civics, foreign languages, geography, health education, physical education, and economics, with the following policy recommendations:

  • A response to the administration’s proposals to consolidate subject-specific grant programs into a single competitive grant,
  • A response to recent congressional decisions to reduce or defund many of these important programs (PDF), and
  • An affirmation that a comprehensive education in all core academic subjects is necessary to prepare graduates for college and careers.

Linda Morse, ASHA’s president-elect, was pleased that the Consensus Statement was revised to include both health education and physical education. “Too often, health education is viewed as controversial and is removed from the “education” conversations, but school health education can help prepare all students for the challenges of college, career, and citizenship,” said Ms. Morse. She goes on to emphasize the need for increased health literacy in America, which can be boosted by quality health education in schools. “Our citizens are inundated with questionable health information and advice online and in the media, while at the same time, the country is embroiled in heated discussion over the merits of healthcare reform. Well-educated citizens must become more health literate in order to take responsibility for their own health and that of their families and communities.”