How to Read a Blog

Posted on February 1, 2012


At our conference in October, several members suggested we start a blog for ASHA. This made us very happy (we had a blog with about a dozen posts) and a bit dismayed. Obviously, we had not publicized it well enough. To remedy that, we’re going to mention the blog – we’re calling it The Pulse to stay true to our history – a LOT in 2012. But first, we want to make sure you all know why the blog format is so much better than a PDF file from a reader’s standpoint. After all, blogs aren’t meant only to be read – they are a powerful tool that can be used for so much more. Here are some ways you can make the most of The Pulse blog.

  1. Share stories easily. Just click on the icons at the end of each post to share the story with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, or anyone else via email.
  2. Make comments. A blog isn’t about just one voice, it’s about many voices coming together in a common space to share ideas and information, to ask questions or make unlikely connections. You’ll find the comment box at the end of each post. You can comment on the post or respond to other readers’ comments. All comments will be reviewed before they are made public. Here are some etiquette tips for commenting.
  3. Subscribe. Thanks to the famously distracting nature of the internet, our good intentions can often be derailed (surfing dog video, anyone?). The blog’s subscription feature will notify you via slightly less distracting e-mail each time a new post is published. To subscribe, look for the box in the lefthand sidebar.
  4. Search by keyword or category. It’s easy to find what you are looking for on the blog. If it’s an old post you want to go back to, just type a keyword in the “Search” box in the lefthand sidebar to be able to see a list of posts that contain that word. You can also search by topic using the “Categories” drop down menu in the lefthand sidebar.
  5. Contribute. You don’t have to be an honest-to-goodness “blogger” to contribute to The Pulse. You can write a guest post, collaborate with our editor on a story, or simply submit a topic idea. Just use the comment feature on this post or any post to reach our blog editor.

Now that you know more about The Pulse and how blogs work, we hope you will read our blog frequently, and share, and subscribe, and comment…