ASHA Issues Call for Presenters for October Conference

Posted on January 20, 2012


ASHA is now accepting applications for  general conference workshops, research sessions and teaching techniques to be presented at our 86th Annual School Health Conference, “Making Connections: The People, Passion, and Promise of School Health,” October 10-13 in San Antonio, Texas.

If you are thinking about it, but feel reluctant to commit, here are 5 reasons why it’s good for you to present:

  • Raises your profile within the school health community  and makes for easier networking.  The exposure can lead to new partners, new customers, and unexpected opportunities.
  • Allows you to share your experience and knowledge, putting you firmly in the camp of “expert.”
  • It’s good for your career and for your organization. It’s something you and your organization can be proud of.
  • Gives you public speaking practice in front of a supportive audience and helps build confidence.
  • It’s good for your association. When you present at ASHA’s conference, it helps reinforce our credibility to the public and solidify our status as the organization of choice for school professionals.

If you are a seasoned presenter, you are likely well aware of the benefits of presenting, so for you, we’d like to offer these tips for presenting to a tweeting audience from Pistachio Consulting.

Applications are due April 2, 2012.